Hello I’m Guerin. I’m kinda weird as you might have seen with the puppets and this background of me surrounded by flashing lights and broccoli. Really though I swear I’m sane. I just like making fun things, learning new ways to make fun things, and working with cool people to make said fun things happen. I really enjoy motion design and I continue to push myself in that field because it mixes creative thinking, problem solving, and storytelling so well. 

I’ve been a barn manager, a bartender, and an EMT. I’ve seen a lot of stuff but I always came back to art and design. I like making fun and new things, learning new techniques, new materials, new programs. The challenge of starting with nothing and working with other creatives to make something awesome, that’s what I love.

Email: GuerinKlineDesign@gmail.com
Phone: 770-876-0730

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